Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and services.

I received the ECIPP book and it looks beautiful and so thorough! I signed and sent your letter back as well.
Have a Happy Easter and thank you again!
Michelle Dudek
Project Brows

Michelle Dudek

You guys are really the most helpful people I’ve ever dealt with. I’ll call the promoter and if we need to take the LA county test I will reach out to you. Again man, thank you Bill for your help.

Paul Withrow

Thank you very very much for your prompt replies and time. I'm so sorry for the confusion.  I appreciate your service to the industry, have a great day!


Dear Cathy,

As a Permanent Cosmetic Artist for 22 years in the state of Washington and previously used your online training, I just want to tell you that your thorough Bloodborne Pathogens on line training is the best I have participated in. As the lead legislative advocate for legislative educational regulations and safety for the public consumer and all legal technicians in my industry, in Washington State, I feel that this is the course to take. The overall coverage of each important factor of being a true professional in our industry with the knowledge to work safely and help prevent bacteria, viruses, and bloodborne pathogens to the innocent consumer is paramount and each area is covered very well! Your customer service, particularly Bill, has been quick, helpful and impeccable! I will continue to refer your training to all of my students and people in my trade and the Dept. of Licensing, who oversees our industry. 
Thank you!
Penny Rudy CPCP 
Chrysalis Clinic of Permanent Cosmetics
Cosmetic and Medical tattoo artist
Penny Rudy

Hi Beauty
Back in 2007 I met you at the Pomona convention. You gave me a free class so I could work. You ignited my career and I met people I eventually relocated to work for and now I work at the number one piercing salon in San Diego. I would like to pay for that certificate because I promised you I would. I have never forgotten. I love and appreciate all of the work you have done in our industry to give me the opportunity to raise two children six blocks from the beach and make more in seven hours than most are making in two weeks’ pay right now. I need to pay you for this. I love you. Woman to woman. You saw me. From the bottom of my feet to the top of my head I am who I am today because of both your compassion and passion for who we are and what we do here in this realm. I adore you.

All my love from all my electrons...


Watching my bloodborne now and was so happy to see you again. I love the structure of the site and how you reach out and teach. I’m on number 27 now and could go not one more moment without telling you how loved and appreciated you are. The depths of my gratitude, thank you. This is just something I need to do. Please get a bottle of wine or some tea you enjoy and let me love on you just a bit. Honestly thank you for the life you helped get me to.
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