Frequently Asked Questions

1. There’s no arrow to move to the next slide-what do I do?

This is caused by the browser. We recommend Google Chrome or update your browser for the best quality experience.

2. Can I use my smart phone or tablet to take the classes?

Most up-to-date smart devices are supported.

3. How do I start the process?

Look for the registration link in the upper right corner of the screen to register and complete your email verification. After you receive your “Welcome" email, follow the log-in link in the email letter which takes you to Select your class and follow the steps on the screen. After you have completed the class and the test, you may download your Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate or, for an additional fee, it will be mailed to you.

4. I accidently paid more than once. What do I do?

If you paid more than once , or accidentally paid for the incorrect class, we will happily give you a refund. Email us the information and we confirm your refund.

5. What if I lose my place or have a problem viewing the class?

Retrieve your place by logging back in to If you are having problems viewing the class we suggest you restart your computer .

6. What if I lose my internet connection during the class?

Once your internet connection is stable again log back into and your class will be waiting for you where you left off.

7. How do I advance through the class?

Look for the arrows at the bottom of each slide. They will allow you to go forward or backwards if you wish to review a slide after the audio is complete. The class is timed due to federal and state requirement.

8. Can I get my certificate immediately?

Your certificate can be downloaded as soon as you complete your class, test and verification processes.

9. Can I get live support during the class?

YES, we are here for you! Just call (619) 303-5893.

10. What is the difference between USA/International, California, Los Angeles County, and Florida BBP classes?

USA/International and California BBP classes are based the Federal OSHA standards, CAL-OSHA standards and California AB300 Body Art Act.

Los Angeles County and the state of Florida require compliance with their specific standards but cover the exact same material as offered in the USA/International and California bloodborne pathogens classes.

Please check with your local jurisdiction for certification compliance.