Documentation Standards Class


This class includes a Documentation Standards Certificate of Completion available to download or print.  An embossed Documentation Standards Certificate, suitable for framing, will be mailed to you upon completion of the class.

Additionally, the mailed certificate includes a Hepatitis B Declination Form, Job Application Form, W-9 form, Bathroom Cleaning Log, Sample Release Form for Body Arts Practitioners, Maintenance Log, Recommended Care Sheet for Body Art Procedures and an Emergency Fire Exit Plan and What is an ECIPP?

This class fulfills your continuing education requirements under certain jurisdictions or organizations. Please verify with your respective governing agency

Course Material: 

The Documentation Standards class reviews the types of forms needed for compliance with OSHA and health department standards as well as those documents needed to run an efficient business. Documents reviewed include the Hepatitis B Declination Form, information about an Exposure Control and Infection Prevention Plan, Facility Licensing, Insurance, Employee Records, Client Records, Bandaging techniques, after-care recommendations, and recommendations for an Emergency Fire Plan. Cathy shares her many years of hands-on experience with advice, tips and safety precautions. Cathy shares her 43 years of hands-on experience with advice and tips

Cathy Montie is an OSHA Authorized General Industry Specific Outreach Trainer


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$43.95 USPS Mailed Certificate


Audio-visual slideshow 


1 Hour 
25 Slides 
10 Test Questions 

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